Encrypt, Obfuscate & Protect your Flash SWF ActionScript & Resources from Decompilers.

Encrypt & Obfuscate Flash

SWF Encrypt 7.0 has been designed specifically for Adobe Flash 8, 9, 10 and 11 SWF Files to keep your Actionscript shielded from would-be hackers! SWF Encrypt 7.0 will guard your important Actionscript code from decompilers and reverse engineering techniques!

Protect SWF Resources

SWF Encrypt 7.0 has been updated with Advanced Encryption Options including the ability to encrypt SWF Resources such as Images, Symbols, Graphics and Audio Files! *(Windows Only)

Works with Flash & Flex

SWF Encrypt 7.0 has been updated to provide encryption and obfuscation for Flash 11 SWF Files created with Flash CS5.5, Flex & Flash Builder. SWF Encrypt 7.0 is the only encryption tool that provides Obfuscation for Actionscript 3.0

Dense ActionScript Obfuscation

Our Encryption & Obfuscation Technique uses Unique Algorithms to protect your SWF and put a lock on your Actionscript. Even ActionScript located in nested symbols is obfuscated from common decompilers.

Windows & Mac OSX

SWF Encrypt 7.0 is available for both Windows and Mac OSX Platforms - Regardless of which Platform you work on, SWF Encrypt 7.0 provides the same level of Security and ActionScript Obfuscation on both Windows and Mac OSX!

Command Line Access

SWF Encrypt 7.0 now includes Command Line Access (*Windows Only). Encrypt, Protect and Obfuscate your SWF Files via the Command Line for fast Multi-Project Encryptions.

Encrypt, Obfuscate & Protect your Flash Projects & ActionScript

Secure your ActionScript today and prevent SWF Reverse Engineering and Decompiling.

SWF Encrypt™ 7.0 encrypts your Adobe® Flash & Flex SWF files, protecting them from the most popular Flash Decompiler Tools on the market. Secure your ActionScript today and prevent SWF Reverse Engineering and Decompiling.

SWF Encrypt 7.0 uses Advanced Obfuscation Techniques along side proven Encryption Technology to provide security and protection for your Adobe Flash SWF Files. Put simply, SWF Encrypt 7.0 prevents other people from decompiling or reverse engineering your SWF movie and stealing the ActionScript Code

ActionScript Obfuscation: Encrypted Vs Non-Encrypted

SWF Encrypt 7.0 has been designed specifically for Adobe Flash & Flex to keep your Actionscript shielded from would-be hackers.

The easiest way to understand the benefit of SWF Encrypt 7.0 is to compare a non-protected SWF with a Protected SWF. Please look at the screenshots below, and select the appropriate tab to view ActionScript 1.0/2.0 and 3.0 examples

Non-Encrypted Standard SWF

This ActionScript on the left (Fig. 1) is taken from a popular Flash Decompiler. As you can see, it demonstrates how easy it is to view the ActionScript Code in a standard SWF File that has NOT been protected by SWF Encrypt™ 7.0.

Encrypted with SWF Encrypt 7.0

The ActionScript on the right (Fig. 2) demonstrates what happens when the same Flash Decompiler attempts to view the ActionScript of a Flash 8, 9, 10 or 11 SWF File protected by SWF Encrypt™ 7.0 - The ActionScript code is completely encrypted and obfuscated, protecting it from would-be hackers and reverse engineering.

Remember, the effect of obfuscation and encryption is that a person intent on stealing your code will have a harder time decompiling and figuring out your code then it will be for them to just make it themselves.

SWF Encrypt 7.0 Trial Download

Available for Windows & Mac OSX

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